What They Have To Say……..


 ..now she has so much confidence in what she can do…….

I would like to say a massive thank you for teaching my eight year old daughter the wonderful learning of E.O.V. Scarlett thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had lots of fun with it. At first she didn’t believe it was possible to read or play blindfolded but now she has so much confidence in what she can do.
As quoted by Scarlett ‘you are my Spiritual Mummy’ 
We are both grateful for your loving, compassionate and enthusiastic way of teaching. Scarlett always felt comfortable and looked forward to her sessions.
Thanks again.
Clair and Scarlett xXx


At the end of each lesson I always wanted to go back again straight away……

It was the best experience of my life so far.  I was nervous at first and didn’t think I would be able to do it but part of me really wanted to.  Nicola made it fun and helped me with my confidence.  At the end of each lesson I always wanted to go back again straight away, I didn’t want it to end.
By Harry

I was hoping that ICU would help my sons confidence, it exceeded all expectations.  On the surface in his day to day life it has shown in improved grades at school going up a years worth in only half a term!  But the most precious difference has been within him.  He sees the bigger picture and it has given him a true sense of who he is, what he is capable of and a belief in himself.  He has formed his own ideas, opinions and understanding of life and the world around us returning him to the happier, confident boy he was before he went to school.
The impact on the family was also fascinating as he questioned things and gave his views, it opened up conversations with his siblings that had only ever been touched on before, making me as a parent more confident in who I am and my beliefs.  I learnt so much from my amazing son!
Thank you Nicola for the opportunity to be able to send my son to learn ICU but also for the amazing way you lead him through this growing experience with so much fun, love and compassion.

Angela and Harry xXx