Observations of my Daughters Journey

My decision to introduce my daughter to this amazing work was very natural and easy. The feeling that we are more than we are taught has always overwhelmed me. But I had never been in touch with a light worker before to help explain the thoughts and feeling I had around myself and now my two daughters.

I was put in touch with Nicola through a mutual friend who is also a healer. The paths all crossed just at the right time, as these things often do.

The ten sessions began in April 2015 and I was utterly amazed at how quickly Lucie, my youngest daughter, was able to work with her light.

Let me explain….for the whole one hour session she was blindfolded. She could not see anything with her eyes. Yet she was able to read from a book, and complete a picture with the correct corresponding colours. This was all simply with Nicola showing her how to use her Light/Spirit instead of her eyes.

During the following days, my husband and I found that Lucie was a little emotional and would cry very easily. It did concern me, but I also categorically knew, that people experiencing a spiritual awakening at any age, can go through many emotions and moods swings. To be clear, this involved, at one point, throwing a full tantrum complete with flinging herself to the floor. Almost a toddler regression!   This did not happen again I hastened to add…(thankfully!).

When we practiced at home, as this was part of the homework, she would also say that she itched around her eyes and face, as she brought forth the light. This is very normal at first when working hard with pushing the light out further.

Through the next two sessions, Lucie read through books and completed puzzles on her own. Nicola was very happy with her progress and I was just astounded. Showing family and friends, however, was strange. Some were delighted and intrigued, and some were just shocked. Even those that could see with their own eyes, still could not accept it in their logical brain. This just shows how closed the adult mind can be in our western culture. I found this quite sad. Some of the responses also affected Lucie’s confidence in her new ability. I noticed that she wanted to keep this something that she only did “with Nicola, at her house”. She became a little self-conscious at this stage and I think it bothered her. But did not stop her being able to use it.

Regardless of meeting with some skepticism, Lucie flourished with her creativity, and her performing and singing, something, like most young girls, she often does at home or in the playground with friends. But she was really going for it now. Totally free feeling lyrics to her own songs and expressively dancing around her room, the house and in the garden. It was lovely to see.

Through the fourth and fifth session, Lucie was able to move around Nicolas house, blindfolded, pointing to objects when asked about it, and we also continued this at home. Moving items around and asking Lucie to find them. All totally blindfolded! She was also able to get dressed, brush her teeth and make her bed! It was apparent at this stage that her area of light sight was expanding.

The reading, puzzles, and colouring continued and Nicola took it to the iPad as well, playing fast paced and problem solving games. Also card games such as snap and fishing.

Each session involved an imagery healing talk with Nicola, where she would ask Lucie to visualise a specific object, and they would talk about it in detail. This is a way Nicola could give feedback to me about how Lucie perceived certain people or situations in her life. It also enabled Nicola to work on helping Lucie perceive a more balanced or “perfect” image. Basically this was healing through imagery without Lucie even realising this was happening. It simply was all fun and games to her.

Back at home we worked in her room, and I encouraged her further by asking her to push her light out the window and across the street, then asked her to read the number plates of the cars, which she did! This increased her itching, so it was clear this new boundary was pushing her ability. As this was similar to the itching she felt when she first started. The more she practiced the more the itching subsided and she was controlling it. Now I could comprehend the possibilities.

All through the practice and teachings, Nicola, was able to work Lucies’s psychic ability, even by saying a word over in her head and Lucie being able to read it! It was truly remarkable watching this unfold. But at the same time I was not at all surprised, children have the open mind to enable to work with this ability, and it is the right time to introduce it.

Several months on, Lucie’s reading and writing has accelerated, her vocabulary is quite amazing and people often comment on it. I see and feel that her spiritual self is shining and at times very mature.

Over the Christmas period, whilst playing games word games with a male relative, she asked; “Name three words to describe yourself” The relative answered “short, fat and ugly” whilst laughing about themselves, Lucie’s reaction to this was not to laugh, but to actually touch the arm of this relative, look them in the eye and tell them very straight; “I disagree, you are funny, cuddly and very beautiful” this actually made their eyes fill up and develop a lump in their throat. She took this adult so by surprise with the serious and direct confidence in her words and belief. I was so proud of her.

My overall summary of this experience is all positive. Her care, awareness of others, respect, self-confidence and maturity levels have flourished extensively. Let me be clear that this has not changed her personality in any way, it has enhanced it. She is still the happy, laughing child she always has been, but just so much more aware.

It has also brought a lot to the family and opened up so much more to us. It has made an already happy, loving family more aware of our spiritual abilities and we are embarking, in all our own ways, into a healing and loving future to share around.

My recommendation to parents who are considering the sessions for their children is just to go for it. Each child will come out with their own experience, it may happen very quickly, it may take a few sessions. But the experience is most definitely an investment in the child’s future and spiritual journey into happiness and contentment.

By Charlotte Rees-Brown