DISCOVERING ME© is new and pioneering course offers energetic and creative guidelines along with exercises to assist children and teenagers with various emotional challenges that may be preventing them from living a natural and fulfilled life.
Using practical and dynamic exercises we can guide children and teenagers to understand their energy, how to align and work with it to improve their emotional wellbeing and enable them to feel ‘in control’.
Children today feel challenged in many ways, physically, emotionally, mentally and sometimes spiritually. Discovering Me offers a unique way to assist children to underrate who they are and how to manage their ‘energy’, ways to cope with life and how to ‘self heal’. A practitioner can work with all age groups, for a number of sessions, creating a bespoke programme to suit individual needs.
As a ‘Discovering Me’ Practitioner you will also support the youngsters to identify and comprehend their issues, from lack of self worth to anxiety, to bullying and so much more. You will teach them how to self-empower and self-heal taking them on a journey to wholeness and wellbeing.
The practices can be spread over a number of sessions, depending on what speed a child/teenager needs to go and how he/she is progressing.
This is exciting and potentially life changing work, please use the following link to apply to become a Discovering Me Practitioner, details and costs are detailed in the form. 
or email Nicola for further information.

“I feel that this course is very powerful and that it will definitely help kids and teens cope with this confusing times. I believe this information belongs in an advance civilization and are techniques that go with the new Earth” MS, USA