Nicola Farmer


Nicola Farmer has a wealth of experience in teaching and is passionate when it comes to facilitating changes in peoples lives. She is heart centred and loves to see the changes that people go through and the improvements that they experience when they grow in confidence and self esteem. She has the ability to adapt to people of all ages and levels of abilities and has a great sense of empathy and compassion for the evolution of humanity.

Nicola developed this NEW & EXCITING method of teaching, having channeled it from a higher source. She loves teaching the children to work with their natural abilities and is carrying out these new teachings with great success.

There are other methods similar to ICU and regardless of the method Nicola knows in her heart that ALL children everywhere need this type of guidance and teaching. There are millions of children in the world today and no one person can reach them all.


Quote From Nicola Farmer

“Working with the children is truly amazing, their sense of awareness and their total acceptance with this work is beyond words. It is an honour and pleasure facilitating this pioneering work along with traditional and ancient methods that assist the children in their development”



Enhanced CRB Certificate and Insurance Certificate available for inspection.