The ICU Programme has been developed and designed as an additional form of learning alongside mainstream education to assist children to grow in confidence. This in turn gives them the skills to enhance their learning abilities in many other areas of their lives so they can realise their potential.

The Teaching Programme is attended for 12 one hourly sessions, during which a child will read, play games and is encouraged to be creative. He/she will also engage with many other fun activities, whilst being praised for everything he/she does, to increase levels of confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and many other important social and life qualities. This program allows for students to access both right and left hemispheres of the brain, enabling the ability to integrate logic and creativity simultaneously.

Children attend individually for development sessions and then in group settings post development training, facilitated be a qualified ICU Academy Teacher. Various activities and learning tools are used during a session, including Books, Puzzles, Games, Mindfolds, IPads, Computers, Art Materials, Building Bricks/Blocks, Moulding Clay, Jewellery Pieces, Picture/Playing Cards and any other tools that are fun and stimulating.

Our intention is to nurture children, through their hearts and minds, to believe in themselves and know that they can achieve their dreams and goals now and throughout life.

The whole experience for the children is one of joy, learning and growth. Effectively it will give the children access to the brain activation levels of adults who perform in the top 20% of their disciplines.

The ICU Programme is a pioneering technique for children’s development, addressing their educational, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. It facilitates an ability with the children to align with all their natural abilities, bringing into alignment the human mind (logic) and the outer consciousness (creative) so they can function in a more balanced way.

ICU offers children and their families an opportunity to become more aware of life and what can be achieved when in Unity. This programme has successfully brought science and spirituality together, where many gave failed throughout history. Our practice does exactly that and at a grass roots level with our children.


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This programme is ONLY taught in person and NOT remotely, via the internet and/or by video link.