How long is the training?

2 x 5hr Heart Coherence Modules

2 x Full Consecutive Days ICU Teacher Training

2/3 Case studies


Are there prerequisites to becoming an ICU Teacher?

Yes and No.

Being heart centred and feeling a call to this training is a big step. Demonstrating patience, compassion, understanding, organisation and a desire to make this world a better place is another step. We have no desire to discriminate against anyone becoming a teacher, however there are certain intuitive qualities we look for in the applicants.


Are the courses recorded?

No part of the course is recorded and permission is not given to record any part of the training.


What course material is provided with the training?

Students who complete the training receive a training manual and the necessary paperwork required to carry out their case studies etc.


Can any part of the training be missed or delayed?

The course is designed as a complete package and it is not possible to be flexible with dates and times. If there is any part of the training that a student cannot attend it will be necessary to postpone and carry out the full programme at a later date.


At the end of all the training would I be considered a qualified teacher?

You will qualify when your case studies have been completed, assessed and approved.


Does it cost anything to be listed on the website as such?

No cost to be listed on the website, after qualification at this present time.


What is the typical structure of the classes (for children), and how much do teachers generally charge per child?

Children attend 1 hour per week for 10 or 12 weeks, one to one in person only.

Teachers charge £30, £40 or £50 per session or equivalent in your own currency.

The parent can choose what the value they can afford or what value they place on their Childs future.


Can the children be taught online?

We are asked this question frequently and the answers remains the same, no we do not.


If I were to express interest now, when would payment be expected and when can I expect the program to start?

You will have to complete an application form to be assessed and accepted on the training.

Payments are due once the offer of training has been sent and accepted. Payment terms are sent with training dates.


Can I join the training from anywhere in the world?

All teacher training is online until further notice until the world begins to open up. All online training is offered in UK Time Zone with a level of flexibility.


Will I be able to teach adults during my training and when qualified?

This programme has been created for children ONLY. This is due to the development of an adult brain and the possible inability to fulfil their expectations. We are also mindful of the training a teacher goes through to qualify and should an adult take the programme they may be tempted to teach their own children and this could leave them vulnerable.


Does this programme work with blind children?

Yes there is every possibility that we can deliver this programme to children who have lost their sight. However, we have not yet conducted a study and will endeavour to update this information when appropriate.