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We are pleased to announce, the ICU Teacher Training Programme Application process has been re-opened.

Please read the course content below prior to requesting an application form.



Introducing an opportunity to facilitate an amazing and powerful Programme with Children.

Do you have a calling to work with children?

Does your heart beat faster when you know there’s a better way?

Do you choose to carve a path for future generations?

Do you feel with all your heart that children need more?

Do these questions ignite a passion to create a better world?

If you can answer yes to the above questions then you could be about to embark on a unique journey that will assist children and the evolution of Humanity, Earth and the Universe.

The ICU Programme assists children to heal traumas and release limiting beliefs, increase confidence and self esteem, expand their minds, reach educational and personal potential and develop their natural gifts, self-respect, respect for others and other universal human values.

The Programme expands the children’s consciousness and raises their vibration, improves memory and concentration and increases attention span, strengthens their resilience, awakens and/or improves their intuition, awakens skills they didn’t know they had and activates their ability to see, read and play without their physical eyes.

At the start of this Programme the children begin to radiate their energy and as they progress and complete all the sessions, their amazing energy then radiates through their family and community and in turn has a powerful and positive effect on Planet Earth.

This work has been very successful in the UK and other countries around the world, with outstanding results.

It’s now time to empower more children around the world, to reinforce the energy and raise awareness.



The ICU Teacher Training Course comes in two parts, in 3 consecutive days. Please note the days cannot be split between course dates.


DAY 1   –   Aligning the Ego & Spirit + Heart Coherence – 1 Full Day

Part 1

Navigational Signposts Between Ego and Spirit ©

Part 2

Meditational teachings to enable heart centeredness, coherence and expansion. Parts 1 – 4  T.H.I.S. Meditation – Trinity, Heart, Infinite & Sacred Breath ©

Preparation for ICU Teacher Training – Marketing & Finances


DAY 2   –   ICU Teacher Training – 2 Full Consecutive Days

ICU Presentation

Creation & History of ICU Academy

ICU Academy Procedures

Administration Processes

ICU Practices & Ethics

Use of Language


Spiritual & Scientific Explanations

ICU Method Training

Teaching of ICU Programme Method

Demonstration (Restrictions Permitting & Availability) 

Method Practice

ICU Case Study Explanation 

Information & Support

The website has been updated with a new FAQ page, please use the following link to access the questions and answers. Should you have a question that isn’t on the page please send an email to Glynis via the link below.




Once we have received your application and accessed it you will be offered training dates and then invited to join one of the training programmes.

You will then enter into a pioneering experience, that has the potential to be life changing, share the training with a group of like hearted people, gain an understanding of how we can enable the changes the children need, embark on a journey of self discovery and gain the necessary skills to become an ICU Teacher.

Now you have read the contents of this page please email   GLYNIS   to receive an application form.

If you have submitted your application and have not received a reply, please also contact Glynis via the above link.


“The Children Are Our Future”