Teacher Training Testimonials

“I loved the hope it instilled in me to move forward on my path……”

My experience going through the training with Nicola, was a beautiful discovery of the unlimited possibilities to shift humanity by nurturing the inherent gifts of our next generation. I found the program to be a clear and concise outlined process that allowed potential teachers to follow and yet recognize the opportunity to make it a personalized expression of their vision to expand consciousness. As a teacher, Nicola provided excellent guidance and knowledge all the while keeping the momentum of the class interesting, engaging and inspiring. I loved the hope it instilled in me to move forward on my path to do my part to expand consciousness and change the world.
Kimie Porter Virginia
USA Co-Founder Goddess Gathering GLOBAL, Energy Alchemist, Healer, International Speaker, VP of Liberty Tax Human Resources

“I learned how important and beneficial it is to give a child your undivided attention…..”

The training course with Nicola was everything I was hoping for and expected it to be. She gave us her complete and undivided attention and most importantly, she taught the course herself, she didn’t substitute any of her time with a different instructor. Nicola not only gave detailed instructions, she also did 2 live demonstrations with real students and had us practice with one another until we all understood exactly what to do. I personally don’t have the greatest attention span but I can honestly say that I stayed engaged the ENTIRE time. The content and materials we were given were exactly what we needed to start our case studies when we left the program. Aside from learning Nicolas methods which was why I went in the first place, I learned how important and beneficial it is to give a child your undivided attention and how much good you can do for their self esteem with just one hour a week of constant praise. I’d recommend this program a million times over! Nicola is a very special person and to have the opportunity to not just meet her but to get to know her is something I’m very grateful for.
Ryan Palianto
New York, USA

“The course was the most enlightening wonderful experience…..”

I was lucky enough to embark on the biggest life changing experience of my life when I was guided directly into the hands of Nicola Farmer and ICU. Some History. We had a very sick child who was bedbound and taken out of school for nearly 2 years due to a chronic illness. Six months ago we were introduced to ICU and our daughter did the 12 week program. By the end of the program the wheelchair went into the bin and Jess fully recovered from her illness, truly a miracle had taken place. I was lucky enough to watch the whole process and I just knew that what was taking place was life changing not only for Jess but for the whole of our family. How could I ever question universal magic as I watch this miracle take place in front of my very eyes. At this point every cell of my being knew I had to take the course and go on to help show children the true state as we had been show with Jess. The very next day I was on a course. I rang to find out about the training and by chance (no such thing) there was a course starting the next day and the space was available. So there I was training to become an ICU teacher. The course was the most enlightening wonderful experience full of so much love and guidance and any doubts were completely blown away by the most wonderful lady I now know as Nicola Farmer. The course was intense, emotional, healing,and funny all rolled into one. Everything was explained with precision and the notes and handouts were so helpful I still refer to them for help when needed now. The after-care has been wonderful, any questions are always answered and the advice so freely given from Nicola when her guidance is needed. This course changed my life, it woke me to things I could only imagine and continues to wake me up to things I have no idea about. The whole family have been blessed by this truly magnificent course. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering taking the course. I am fully committed to ICU as I’ve seen first hand how life changing this is to our children. It comes so strongly in my heart to support all of nicolas work as we are truly blessed to have this wisdom shared by Nicola so e can go out and help heal our children and our planet. I love you Nicola Farmer for the gift of ICU.
Nikki Leggett
Leigh on Sea, Essex, UK

“I knew straight away that I wanted to do it…..”

I became fascinated by ICU after seeing the wonderful transformation it brought on my 8 years old daughter. When Nicola mentioned about the training, I knew straight away that I wanted to do it, but at the same time, I felt a bit insecure, worried if I would be able to. With her loving way, Nicola gave me the reassurance and support that I needed. On those 3 days of training, I was expecting the ordinary of a workshop, lots of info, discussion, exercises etc. But instead, Nicola took us all through a powerful journey. Facing some of my ego and rescuing my inner child was part of my training. Between laughter, tears a beautiful transformation occurred, I concluded the training much more aware of the person that I really am! Nicola’s training is one of those that you MUST DO in life. She is caring, supportive, friendly and assertive. I feel like the training is still going on in my life, as I am always learning from each child and the people I met during the training also became good friends. I cannot thank her enough for all the help and support she still gives me.
Love and light xxx
Jessika Consulini
Cambridge, UK & Brazil