Out of the Mouths of Babes


The following have been created, by children, to bring their light and views into the world to raise the vibration into the light.


Please email any writing, videos etc. of your children talking about ICU or anything that may be of interest to the world, Let’s Create Peace for The World.

All Children are Angels and anything enlightening that we can share with the world would be amazing.



Tommy is a 6 year old and he’s singing a song about God and being happy.

Please click on the Red Heart to view the video.




Letters written by two sisters of an ICU Student.





“Mummy I wish I could go back again tomorrow”

“Mummy I think when I grow up I’d like to teach like Nicola”

“Oooh I can see myself”

“My teacher said my confidence has grown and my literacy has increased a whole one year in only six weeks”

“I hope I can see Nicola again, she’s my Spiritual Mummy”