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We trust that you will find the information, stories and videos in this website interesting and enlightening.


The video above was made by Frank Elaridi, to highlight to The World this amazing and pioneering work with children. It has been produced to show you how children can learn an amazing technique, which may enhance and elevate their life. 


The pages of this website will take you on a journey of discovery, into a training method that has not been seen in this format before and has been developed to assist children on Earth. The programme assists children to develop and grow in any levels and areas of their life and enables them to use innate abilities that may have never been discovered.


The opportunities throughout this website are for children to learn and grow, adults to become ICU Teachers and for the not so open minded to become just that.



This interesting and detailed article was written by Peta Morton.






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Thanking you in advance for browsing this website and for taking an interest in this amazing and pioneering Teaching Programme for children, ENJOY.


The ICU Academy would like to thank;

All the Qualified and Trainee Teachers for following their inner guidance and embarking upon a journey of discovery for themselves and the future for the Children.

Peter Gosling for his website knowledge and wizardry.

Jasmine Lewis-Gray for her beautiful artwork. 

Nicola’s husband, John, for his never ending love and support.

All the Children who have taken part in the training, especially those who have assisted the Trainee Teachers with their case studies.

We are creating a community of loving and compassionate people who believe in the future, for the children of Earth.


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