Frank is an Emmy Award winning Journalist from Hollywood.

He travelled to the UK from the LA to record this work so he could share it with the world via his YouTube Channel, Modern Nirvana.






ICU Student, aged 7, reading wth her blindfold on.


Two ICU Students Reading Together


ICU Student talking about her experience.


ICU Student doing a Jigsaw Puzzle.




A young student, not only is he reading blindfolded, he’s shielding the words with his hand as it’s too bright for him !!!!!!!

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  1. Wow, what a major step forward for awareness of consciousness. Not seen anything like this since I saw a blindfolded man drive a motor cycle round Paris on the french TV news, when I lived there in 1992! What an amazing tool for kids to have — how the world will change for them.

    • admin on said:

      Thank you for your comments, it’s amazing work and the children love it. Being able to bring this work to the UK & Europe is truly an honour xXx

  2. Nicola Vernon on said:

    Can this work for blind children?

  3. Please explain why is the creator of this methodology, Noe Esperon of Viendo por el Mundo, not given right credit? After delving into the matter, this seems as if Mrs. Karen Osbourne was trained by Noe Esperon and then this technique is now being claimed to have originated from Nicola Farmer.

    • ICU is not EOV, it is a different methodology and was given to Nicola by Consciousness.
      There are many methods around the world for this type of work and there are millions of children that can benefit from it regardless of the name of the originator.
      It is purely EGO if anyone believes they own the work, it is the work of God and I am simply the guardian of ICU and its methods. One person cannot reach all the children in the world, therefore there has to be many methods and teachers to enable the changes.
      Every person has the right to choose and no one has the right to prevent those choices, live and let live.
      Thank you for highlighting this and giving me the opportunity to explain, many blessings xXx

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