Frank is an Emmy Award winning Journalist from Hollywood.

He travelled to the UK from the LA to record this work so he could share it with the world via his YouTube Channel, Modern Nirvana.






Reading Cinderella Blindfolded


Blindfolded Colouring by 5 Year Old


Brothers Playing Connect 4 with their blindfolds on.



ICU Student, aged 7, reading wth her blindfold on.


Two ICU Students Reading Together


ICU Student talking about her experience.


ICU Student doing a Jigsaw Puzzle.




A young student, not only is he reading blindfolded, he’s shielding the words with his hand as it’s too bright for him !!!!!!!


7 comments on “Video

  1. Wow, what a major step forward for awareness of consciousness. Not seen anything like this since I saw a blindfolded man drive a motor cycle round Paris on the french TV news, when I lived there in 1992! What an amazing tool for kids to have — how the world will change for them.

  2. Nicola Vernon on said:

    Can this work for blind children?

  3. I was wandering if 11year old can start doing it or is it too late?

  4. Hello Mam I come to know about this from social site in Nikola Tesla page, I want to ask even adults can learn this technique…….
    I am from India and learning ancient meditation, but still very curious to know still adults can learn this techniqu…..
    I am very happy with your work that you are teaching the futuristic kids an a Amazing inner Science 🙂 They will change the future of earth in bright way 🙂

  5. Awesome,can adults be trained ?
    Wish this was available to all mainstream schoolchildren
    Is this only available in one area?
    If this along with meditation etc were taught in all schools a lot of the worlds problems could soon be overcome.Should be mandatory
    Congratulations on the obvious success of this school and the children in it.

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