Meditation For Children


Meditation is fun and interactive, this enables children to quieten their mind, open their creative channels and have fun using their imagination and visualisation.

Meditation helps children in a variety of ways.

It helps reduce stress, strengthens the immune system, can improve relationships at home & at school , decreases aggressiveness and anxieties, improves behavior and attitude, improves focus, memory & concentration and promotes inner peace.

Meditation for children has also proven effective in helping them release negative thoughts and behaviors and in building self-confidence. We all want our children to be stress free. Mindfulness and meditation are fantastic tools that children can learn at an early age which will help them throughout their lives.

Because of the wonderful benefits of meditation, more parents are deciding to try guided meditation with their children and finding that it really does help their children become more peaceful. Not only that, but because of the rise in self-esteem, children who meditate also are connecting with their inner self easier and listening to that wise inner wizard.

When children are able to do this, they truly start to feel their rightful place in the world, relationships improve, peer pressure is much less of an issue and kids are learning the value of experience without being overwhelmed by it.

Using guided meditation regularly, children decrease their stress over body-issues, school-related stresses, anxieties and worry. Children learn not only how wonderful they truly are, but they also learn to release that stress and anxiety with various techniques used in the guided meditations.

Many parents are not aware of the amount of stress children are under. But in a world filled with electronics, shopping and wanting to keep up with the Joneses, children really need a space where they can take time out and define what they want to do in their lives and explore their True Self.


If your child would be interested and would benefit from Meditation, please contact

Nicola Farmer

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