Teacher Training

26th Sep 2016

Due to the amazing response from the YouTube video, it has become one of the priorities of ICU Academy to train more teachers.

It is also very exciting that the work is modern and in alignment with the children of today.

This does mean that adult training is on hold for a while, whilst ‘The Academy’ develops a different method for adults.

If you feel you would like to become a teacher of this work please click on the 1st Red Heart to download an Application Form and the 2nd Red Heart to download the ‘Undertaking’. Please return both completed forms for consideration.

Many Thanks


Teacher Training Application Form


Undertaking Form


2 comments on “Teacher Training

  1. Vanilda Plaster da Silva on said:

    Hi! I wonder if you are still training teachers. I’m from Brazil and I didn’t find anything about watching blindfolded on the internet. Nowhere! I feel in my heart that I should bring this spiritual practice to my country! When I think about it! thanks!