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6th Jun 2016

‘Our Children Are Our Future’

Well here we go, the world is about to know about this fabulous work….

Frank Elaridi, an Emmy Award winning journalist from LA flew to England to make a video about this beautiful and powerful work with the children.

You can view the video on Frank’s YouTube channel, Modern Nirvana, by clicking on the red heart below.


3 comments on “Exciting New Video

  1. Victoria ernst on said:

    Would love to know more about training for adults!

  2. Wow I thought this blog would have been full,!!! I’ve been wowed by your work and wishing you much success from the Girl demonstrates her super power.

    Namaste from Canada

  3. Margie Sedman on said:

    Thank you to Frank Elaridi, for making the video with the Children at ICU Academy. For you have opened up a hidden treasure in England that is little know outside of the UK.
    Thanks to all involved, this story popped up on Facebook in my lounge room in Australia!
    My six year old granddaughter watched the video too and is very excited by the possibilities of learning how to be part of the ICU Academy
    We are grateful for your work Frank, and to Nicola for making it all possible and looking forward to learning more about ICU Academy

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