The Vision

78231c0af85baf2c83f4f7a7739e1ba0Sharing this Vision with you is like opening up a heart and showing you the potential of the Universe.

The children of today are the future of our world and their presence is vital to how our world unfolds and moves forward in a more harmonic and peaceful way.

Every child has amazing gifts, it is the Vision of ICU to enable ALL children to open up to their unique talents and to be given the best opportunity to learn and grow.

For this to happen on a greater scale it is the Vision of ICU to open a Centre for Children & Adults.


The Visions of this Centre include …

To be in Nature…

To be a Safe, Beautiful, Calm and Comfortable environment…

To assist Children & Adults with Learning & Healing

To have Animals who can bring Unconditional Love

To offer many Services for ALL

and above all…

To offer TranquilityPeace, Solutions and Love in this mad world.


If this Vision resonates with you, the Heart of this Vision is open to receiving donations now.

Please find it your Heart to assist us in bringing this Centre into the Light and give our children and adults opportunities of the Future.

ALL donations will be received with Love and Gratitude and will be managed by an independent Account Holder at Marketing Simply Ltd

ICU Academy